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Bass Face SPL10.1 1100W 10 inch Car Subwoofer Sub

By: Bass Face
Bass Face SPL10.1 1100W 10 inch Car Subwoofer Sub
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Manufacturer Description

The popular 10 inch size of Subwoofer is not ignored in the Bassface line up. Offering a 2? Aluminium voice coil and our revolutionary twin concentric surround, our 10 inch size offers an outstanding mix of speed and low end performance at a simply astonishing price and with the ability to fit into tiny enclosures, from 0.6 to 1 cubic feet. Perfect for those looking to get good strong bass sound without taking up too much space, and those looking for fast hard bass with a subwoofer that looks as good as it sounds!

Product Features

550w RMS Revolutionary Twin Concentric Suspension Technology Lightweight Anti-Flex Patterned PP Cone CAD Optimised Air-Flow for Maximum Heat Dissipation Bass Face Detailed Oversized Dustcap